Saturday, May 17, 2008

You Know You Want To!

Leave me a comment! Don't be such a lurker out there. Everyone loves to hear from their readers. Even if it's just a ditto because someone else already said what you were going to. Click here to go back to my original site. Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!


Stephen Ferrara, NP said...

Love the new site! Good luck with it and I'll look forward to your updates.

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Thanks Stephen! Glad you liked it! I hope to add a lot more resources as I find them.

leapoffaith said...

Your reasons for liking what you do hold true for me too. I recently started blogging at, my blog is titled "no place for old np's" . I have no idea how to direct you to it as I'm new to blogging. I found you by googling "nurse practitioner blogs". Best wishes!

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Thanks Leapoffaith! I will find you through there!

editor said...

Kidney Stones are very painful. What causes them and what are some treatments you can do at home?

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

I will address your question on the main page of the site Editor. Thanks for the question!

mamalife said...

In the office I am based, there is an MD and an ARNP. I sometimes hear pts. referring to the ARNP as "Dr." I don't correct them as it is not my degree to correct and as I am not an employee of this practice, but it does make me cringe inside when I hear it.

Sandy said...

Mamalife, you should "lightly" correct patients. I always tell people that there is a difference and then tell them that it may cause the NP some troubles if referred to as a doctor when they aren't.

Free N.P.'s said...

How is the job coming? Is being a N.P. everything you thought it would be? I hear that Florida is only 1 of 3 states that won't let N.P.'s write narcotics. Why??

Anonymous said...

I have been reading about the DNP degree on the AACN website. They are quick to point out that nursing and medicine provide/fill different roles. As a nurse practitioner what are you not allowed to do that a physician can?


Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

I can do anything a MD can do except for write controlled substances in FL as long as it's listed in my protocol between the collaborating MD and myself. I order and interpret tests, diagnose and treat disease processes and patient education. Hope this helps!

RehabNurse said...

Thanks for visiting me and thanks for the comments. I really enjoy your site (still looking at all of them).

I'm interested in doing a article about the quandaries of boundaries in nursing relationships with patients and former patients and I'd appreciate your feedback (and any other practicing RN, LPN, too.) on how you resolve this issues in your daily practice.

I don't think they really cover this well in nursing school and as a newer nurse, I think it's a good topic.

Thanks again. I'll add you to my list ASAP.

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Sure thing RehabRN! If you would like, I will write a post and you can site it in your paper. When is your paper due or is it a blogpost idea?

P Nicholas said...

Like your blog color which is my favorite! Very informative site. Hope you will include some alternative treatments, too.

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CoryTraumaRN said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! And Happy Mother's Day to you too! I hope you had a fabulous day!!!!

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Thanks for leaving a comment CoryTraumaRN!

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